Think of an idiom that fits the context and try to use it to express the same idea.

Look at the example:

I must get to know the basics before my supervisor gives my more challenging tasks.

Related idiom: learn the ropes

Transformed sentence: I must learn the ropes before my supervisor gives me more challenging tasks.

Sometimes you must change the structure of the sentence to use the idiom correctly

1. To achieve great results you need to have people who understand each other and share their goals.

2. If you want to know what to do, ask Dave. He takes the decisions here.

3. I’ve decided to take some overtime as I’m trying to get noticed before annual performance review.

4. It’s unfair when some people don’t do what they should and others have to make up for them.

5. Last month I had to force myself to write documentation for 3 new functionalities.

6. I’ve never pretended to be sick to get some rest and go on holiday.

7. When I joined the company I could support my team with my unique skills.

8. This is the final stage of the project and the team is working very hard to complete it on time.

9. Go on holiday and don’t worry, I will take care of everything while you’re away.