Discuss the question with your partner. Try to explain your viewpoints.

Move to the next question after you’ve finished using the dots below.

Have you ever had the case of easy come, easy go? Do you think such situations often happen in business reality?

Can you think of any situations in which business people may put the cart before the horse?

Is it always a good idea to put your two cents in if you disagree with your team or supervisor?

Do you know any companies that have successfully cornered the market? What’s the best strategy to achieve it?

Is it always good to be in the loop? How important is it for you in your professional life?

Do you think leaders should regularly raise the bar for their team to ensure their growth?

Why do so many business owners have problems with cutting their losses and, as a result, generate huge debt?

What’s the best way to get the ball rolling on a business idea?

Have you ever heard of a project in which money or work went down the drain?

Is it always possible to see eye to eye with all your colleagues at work?