Discuss the question with your partner. Try to explain your viewpoints.

Move to the next question after you’ve finished using the dots below.

Is it better when employees follow procedures by the book or when they have a possibility to ignore some of them if the situation requires it?

How often should employees keep their supervisors posted about the progress in their tasks?

Is it better to delay a project in order to tie up loose ends or to stick to the deadline despite the shortcomings?

Have you ever hear of any fly-by-nights? Why do you think people trust such companies?

Does it ever happen that you feel it’s time to call it a day but others still want to work? What do you do then?

Are there any situations in which companies can or should cut corners? Why/Who not?

Can you give examples of situations in which business owners are between a rock and a hard place.

Do you think companies should always go the extra mile to satisfy their customers?

What do you do when you feel snowed under? Can you avoid such situations at work?

Have you ever had the case of easy come, easy go? Do you think such situations often happen in business reality?